Why Is ID3 Unique  
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What has ID3 created and how are they unique to what they do?  

When trying to be all things to all people companies generally maximize vulnerability to the competition in the industrial real estate business.  We are not looking to be the “General Motors” of the real estate business.  Building a large corporate staff and vertically integrated with a “in-house” construction department or creating high overhead and high fixed costs maximizes a company’s vulnerability.  We believe this produces low returns to our investors.  The competitive landscape in the industrial real estate sector requires specialization and requires intense attention to detail.  Therefore, we avoid investing in other sectors of the four real estate food groups and focus on enhancing returns in the industrial sector. 

This strategy allows ID3 Partners to be better informed and gives us the potential to devote our talent to produce above average investment opportunities.  An undisciplined or opportunistic strategy may work in the short run, but it usually maximizes the exposure to intense competition.  ID3’s well timed entry, management and focus on exit delivers strong returns that sets ID3 apart from its competitors.  Being focused on one section helps ID3 run more efficiently and more profitable than other, less market specific, companies.

We believe real estate is an important component of an overall wealth plan. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of real estate investing, asset management, valuations, and operating issues that will insure real estate remains an asset in your portfolio and not a liability.  Our transparency and responsiveness helps to ensure confidence in our investors.  One of our best assets is patience and ability to not lose at the moment.  It is said that time kills deals in real estate.  ID3’s expertise and close attention allows us to find the ideal time to invest and close quickly and profitably.